Traditional and remote simultaneous interpretation

As a member of CRN of Bosch International Network, it has at its disposal the highest technology (Integrus – DCN next generation). By using high-tech quality sound systems and simultaneous interpretation equipment, we are able to give great potentials to your conferences and events [ i.e. coverage of 31 languages at the same time, digital recording of the proceedings etc], so as to keep you satisfied in any way possible! Bosch Next generation system, Audipack ISO 4043 booths, Stand alone Camera Control software with Full HD camera, Microphone Controle and Bosch certified technicians.
In our RSI Hub in Belgrade we are offering application for remote interpretation, ISO 4043 soundproof booths, qualified technicians, stable internet line and RSI trained interpreters. For more information please contact us

iso booth simultaneous interpretation equipment bosch CCU
Radiator for simultaneous interpretation reciever for simultaneous interpretation
ISO 4043 booths, OSCE 2015